I have been living in the Czech Republic since the 27th of August, that’s more than 7 months. I’m here as an exchange student with AFS, in a year-long program. 

I remember every part of the day that I was landing in Czechia, since that day my life changed. Well, I got my plane in Bilbao, and this one landed in Belgium. I was so excited about the beginning of this experience. I was flying alone because I am the only Spanish in Czechia. I just landed in Prague and AFS took me and some other students to the Arrival Camps. I was so nervous because there I met who nowadays are my best friends and the people with whom I’m sharing my experience. We did a lot of activities that weekend and then we met our host families.

I have learned and tried new sports here. I always play volleyball in PE, and I join my class in a school competition. I started playing badminton for the first time. I also tried Christmas cross country skiing, and even if I didn’t like much I learned snowboarding and I like it.

I have met great people from different countries, we aren’t the same, we have different cultures and personalities, but each of them showed me something, and even if we don’t look the same, we didn’t grow up in the same country, we think or we feel different, we all are living the same, and we understand each other better than no one else. The relationships that I got here are one of the best parts of my exchange, even if time passes, are them.

– Lucía, exchange student from Spain in 2021/2022

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