Ahoj! I am Alice, from Italy, and I have been living in the Czech Republic for seven months. They have probably been the most challenging and rewarding months in my life, the ones in which I have changed the fastest and learned things I never would.

I would like to spend some words talking about my host family because I feel extremely grateful and lucky that I met such great people to share my experience with. I arrived on the 27th of August, and after three days in a camp with other volunteers and students, I finally met the family that would have been at my side for ten months. I remember that I was excited and scared at the same time, I was wondering in which language I would greet if I would hug them or only shake hands… mostly useless questions because, in the end, everything went naturally.

My family is composed of two siblings around my age and my parents. From the first journey from Prague to our city, Ceska Trebova, they were trying to make me feel at home and understand my needs, to ask me about my country and my interests. They were, and still are, very enthusiastic to show me everything about their culture and country, for example, we like watching movies together, we went to the teacher a couple of times, I experienced the typical Czech Christmas, as well as all the other celebrations. Other activities we enjoy doing together are: going on trips to the mountains or to visiting some cities, doing some sport together, like running in the forest, or just sitting in the living room eating snacks and drinking coffee with grandparents.

Moreover, with endless patience, they taught me to ski, helped me with the language and we learned together how to cook Italian dishes that I had only eaten. 🙂 Here now I feel at home, I feel that I found another FAMILY. I am looking forward to showing them Rimini, my city, and to the meeting with my Italian parents and brother this summer.

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