I’m Beren from Turkey. I have been living in the Czech Republic for 6 months and I will come back to Turkey on 2nd July which means I still have time to spend time with my friends and explore the Czech Republic! I remember my first day. My host mom and sister were so warm-blooded and they had made a plan to go to Germany – Legoland to have much more fun during the first meeting.

I want to mention our relationship with the other exchange students. Exchange students make our exchange year beautiful. If you have any problem you are talking about it with them and you see that also they have this problem, in this way you don’t feel alone and start to ignore your problem which makes you strong. The other good thing about them exploring the Czech republic. Almost every weekend we try to gather, spend time together, make lots of memories and of course see new places. Even though you didn’t even know them only 1 year ago, right now they are your best friend and you see them more than your normal friends in your home country! That’s exactly why I wanted to make an exchange program.

I want to share one of my memory. My host mother bought me a Czech book as a Christmas gift and it was for 5 years old kids which is suitable for my Czech level. And one day in school we had a free lesson and I started to read this book. After that one of my friends saw me and she said „Beren, yesterday I read exactly this book with my little sister who is 5 years old but you are not 5 years old and we laughed together.“

I can’t imagine what if I didn’t make an exchange year. I wouldn’t meet these perfect people. I’m so glad to be here. I feel like the Czech Republic is my second home country because I have a second family, lots of friends, and innumerable memories here.

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