“Can you imagine how weird and amazing this group could be?

Can you imagine how beautiful it is for us Italians to use the differences between north and south just to laugh and understand that we actually have crazy complicity? Can you imagine how beautiful it is to see Elba and Francie being able to stay in the same table without a 4 meters separation barrier? Can you imagine how beautiful is a group without being prejudiced about a girl who’s wearing a hijab? Can you imagine the beauty of the moment when Ago said: “You are my Italian brother”? Can you imagine how well Ahmet from Turkey says the word „Vaff ** lo“ or how nice Ada and Zeynep are? The simplicity and intelligence of Umina from Japan? The feeling that makes you watch at Steven as he is the funniest Chinese that you have ever met?

Can you imagine how amazing the AFS volunteers are?

Can you imagine how glad I could be by looking at the beauty of who doesn’t kill the differences but who protects them and I can imagine this person looking at the map and wishing to delete the black line which divides the colors of two neighboring countries with the aim of making a perfect mix?

Thank you for all this…and I can’t think of a better way than saying that in all the languages:

Grazie, Děkuji, Thanks, Gracias, Merci, 謝謝, ขอบคุณ, teşekkürler,感謝, Terima Kasih.”

Luca Santoro – zahraniční student z Itálie na ročním programu v České republice

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