(článek je pouze anglicky)

I have been in Czech for four months, and these four months can be said to me a new life.
Before coming, I think every exchange student all have mental preparation, but when you really face something, you will still feel “surprised”.
I can say that the great feeling here is that life has never been full of so many things, and everything has to do with you.

My school life, I think the school for a student, can be said to be one of the center of life. My first school name is Gymnazium frydlant nad ostravici, It’s like opening a window to me, it brought me a lot of amazing!
Everyone I met at school was great, 2A,3A,4A, 5A,1B,2B,3B, They will say hello to me, and the lovely girl will send a sweet smile,I have to say it’s the best start of the day.
My 3B friends, On the first day we just knew, my phone number was a problem, I told them about that ,and after school, they took me to Vodafone in city, use GPS found it , they don’t know exactly what to do, but they’re going to ask, get to know, and then told me ,helped me. They’ll tell me, if I have any problem, just told them. They’ll take me to the ice skating, take me to the castle, take me to see the movie which I want to see, we’re going to buy delicious pie together. I can say, they are really amazed. They always make me very happy about their plan.
My 3A friends, To be honest, I’m very surprised that one girl come to talk to me, Because I have to go out of the first step and come into contact with others, and no one ever comes to me first.so I am really very surprised and amazing that she first come to me. And take me to the meeting in their class in the restaurant, introducing me to know her friends. They’re going to invite me to their home, one of the girls would do great food every time, I most like her pancakes!!! Believe me,really so nice, I always miss it!!!
Of course the other friends, They’re going to invite me to the school’s ball, and prepare ticket for me. They’ll care about me, ask me,write me message, throwing winks for funny, and we laugh together….

In fact, for the school, I have also experienced it at the beginning. They will only look at you, and they don’t take the initiative to communicate with you. Maybe because they are shy, or maybe because they are watch you. I want to say, you have to learn to be brave, to learn to be optimistic, to learn to take the first step and to learn to approach them first. Actively respond to their invitation, to catch their goodwill.
I think this is not only to school, but for everyone you meet.
But at the same time, I also want to remind that pay is not without bottom line. As I said, you have to pay , and also capture their goodwill. The establishment of relationship is always a joint effort between the two sides.
You need reason, need feelings.

For hostfamily, I believe everyone can feel as if you were a family member. I have two hostfamily now. It’s a very important thing , find the right thing for you, find suitable for each other. And I also say, don’t forget to thank at any time. At the same time, understanding each other is also very important, sometimes, I think both sides can’t pursue too much detail. Different people want to be together, it is bound to contain each other.
Let me remember in high school, I lived in a school, and there were four or five girls in a room. I must say, in this time, It’s more difficult to merge, everybody will find more things you do not like. Only pay each other to continue to work.
And never forget to communicate.

And also the important thing is, you need to open, to work hard in anywhere, but still do not forgot
the bottom line, own principles, have your own independent thinking. At the same time, actively seek other people’s help and advice. AFS volunteers will be your good help.

Wish every exchange student to become better oneself. A more strong face. The time of growth is more of the time of loneliness and sadness. Thank you for the wonderful things you met, and the bad things to thank you for meeting me in advance, you should learn from it too.