I’ll never forget my first day in Czech Republic, that day all changed for me, culture, family, friends, my life. I’m really glad to be here where I am. My first day of school, my classmates, family, they help me every day to improve in the language and also as a person. The talks with my host family, specially with my dad (on je skvělý), the walks every day with my friend around the town, etc. But the most special moment here was in Christmas time’s. For me was like a movie, the market’s on the street’s, cold weather, (cukroví), the Christmas spirit, is one thing that I’ll take forever in my heart from here. As a phrase I read says „you will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere“ well, for me this „elsewhere“ is here in Czech Republic. Miluju Českou Republiku.