Hello, I am Jazmin A. A., but everyone calls me Jaz. I am from Argentina, but nowadays I’m living in the Czech Republic. I have been here since January 28th. I came with AFS, in a semester program.

My first day in the Czech Republic was good, but at the same time weird. I had arrived alone, in a country which I did not know, nor its culture and even less its language. Everything became better when I met my family; they made me feel at home. We can just talk about everything, and it will be interesting, and fun. That is what I like the most about my family, the confidence, and the ease of making everything a little more fun. We are always doing things. We went to many castles, we did many walks, and we went to visit their family (now mine too). We also like to spend time in the garden. Also, I cooked Argentinean meals and made them try the “mate” (typical drink from Argentina).

Going to school is one of my favourite things here, because of my friends. They are so nice, and from day one, they always include me and talk to me. Also sometimes we get out of school, and we go to some park or we go to someone’s house. I’m very happy here; I’m always learning new things and having a good time. I never had any problems, but besides all, it makes me sad to think that this will end soon. That´s why I always try to enjoy the moment and BE HAPPY.