Ahoj, jmenuju se Rangel a jsem z Brazílii.

In 2012, AFS Brazil offered a full scholarship to a year-long program in the Czech Republic. As I always desired to come here and deeply immerse in its culture, I applied for the scholarship. After a selection process I was informed that I was the chosen to spend a year in this amazing country!

It has been 7 months since I left my life in Brazil and got to meet lots of people over here and, consequently, many different points of view. I feel so lucky about it! All the different stories I’ve heard, many unlike life styles, all of that introduces something new, something that I probably would never have if I did not come here. It must be obvious I do miss my family and friends in Brazil, but they are happy I am having this awesome opportunity and I am glad, as well.

Czech Republic is a country full of history and culture, what has caught my attention since I was younger. I am an architecture passionate and this small piece of land in Central Europe is a museum in the open. These are only some reason by which I am here.

But, as everything has a however, not everything is all good. There are few things I dislike, for example, buses drivers. It may seem a bit stupid to mention them, but it is extremely unpleasant to say “dobrý den” for them and not even receive a response. Sometimes they barely even look at you. Another thing I do not like is the system they use in schools. Students take so many exams in a week that they usually find themselves lost with the grade. And, of course, it makes them have a kind of “aversion/loathing” to school.  Sometimes it is also hard to make friends there (at school I mean). These are the chief facts which I am not fond of with.

I have a host-family here, as all the other AFS students, and it helps loads to feel connected to the culture and mores. Sometimes we travel to know more of the country, to visit interesting places and have a time together. In addition to very good friends, I also found a family here. I have 3 months left and I cannot imagine how I will say bye for all these people here, how I will live without them.

At school I try to do the best I can, but, as Czech language is not easy at all, I do not understand all so that I mainly study mathematics and sometimes physics, since they are number-based subjects. For the other subjects I usually make presentations, in English or in Czech. After school I go back home or hang out with a friend, what is important to keep me focused.

Moreover, I have done bunches of presentations about Brazil in schools or AFS events. It is such a pleasure to disclosure my country abroad and to create friendships bond with another nation. I just feel blessed!

Thanks very much AFS BRA and AFS CZE for making it possible. I will be always thankful for it and I hope many more youth will have the opportunity I am having now. Thanks for all the friends I’ve made, all the places I have visited, all the new things I have added to myself.

Díky moc!!!

Rangel Rodrigues de Amorim, Brazílie