My lovely Czech family

Family are always so important for us, especially when we are outside alone. Fortunately I have got really lovely family, they are so nice and warm, so I really love them all.

My family is such a big family, there live my host parents and siblings, my host grandparents and my host uncle’s family. I feel very comfortable and glad here, and I would like to really thank them that teach me so many thing I didn’t know before, such as ice-skating and skiing, now I fell in love with them.

I have two siblings, one 8 year old guy Mik and 4 year old girl Linda, and also I have two cousins, also a 8 year old boy David and 2 year old little cute girl Tereza. In this kind of family , at first I was really afraid that I don’t know how to play with the kids and may be they would not like me. But to my surprise, Mik is really outgoing and friendly. In the first day I arrived home, he just played hockey, football and video games with me, and I think this extremely improved our relationship. Then next day my family took me to Plsen and I played games with him and I felt like that we were really good friends then. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what he was saying, and I just replied as ”Jo” ”Ano” ”Dobry” ”Hezky” these kind of easy words, but actually I didn’t really know what he was saying. Sometimes he knew that I didn’t understand him and he was really kind that he didn’t feel annoyed and just asked my mom for translation. This made me really love this little guy! My sister Linda was pretty shy at first, then she became open to me and played with me. Both of them like Judo, and sometimes my sister just did the Judo things with me that made me really happy.

It seems I shouldn’t be happy so early, that Linda suddenly became against me, like for I understood that she became so mean to me, she didn’t laugh to me and didn’t reply my greeting, and she always ordered me that made me like a idiot which really mad me. But mostly I felt confused and helpless, that she was so kind to other kids and so mean to me that really let me want to cry. Then I became also impatient to her and would not like to stay with her because for me she was so “princess sick”. But before 2016, I still wrote in my diary that I really hope our relationship can be better in a new year. And I never mind that that day come so soon.

That day’s memory was as clear as it has just happened yesterday, we were walking across the farm and in the way back to home, my sister hugged me, she is so little and could just hug my waist, and she smiled to me. At that moment I was so surprised and there was a strange feeling arise from my heart. Linda, when she smiled to me, she is really like an little angel. I found there was something wake up in my heart and began to grow.

After that day I began to be patient to her, I played with her, and tried not to angry for the things she may mad me, I began to joke her, and I can feel that she became kinder and kinder.

Now when I backed home she always greets me, she at least can share something with me and not against me everywhere. Sometimes she wanted to help me for cooking but actually just made the thing worse, but I didn’t mind it and even did some exaggerated expression to her that made her laugh so much. I began to know what do I do that would make her glad and I am always joking her, sometimes I also pretend serious and let her finish her stuff. I also played with our little sister Tereza very much and I became to love the kids now.

Perhaps this can be a big change for me, cause I didn’t know how to play with kids before and I couldn’t bear their ”awful sickness”, but now I love kids and I am trying to be more patient to them. Every kid is an sweet angel, now I believe. And, most importantly, I damnly love my naughty little princess now!

Linda, Čína, 2015/16