The Czech Republic is an attractive cultural destination because of its natural beauty and its many well-preserved historic sites. Its architectural monuments of various styles serve as living evidence of its rich history. Tourist attention is focused on many castles and chateaux, which are major monuments of historical eras. Both Bohemia and Moravia are also rich in genuine architectural gems. This applies to some major Czech and Moravian towns, centers of which have stood the test of time and preserved their former splendor. Folk architecture can be also found in other parts of the country, such as timber cottages in the mountain regions of North Bohemia and many other areas. The Czech Republic is a well-developed country with the vast majority of its population involved in commerce or industry. 

The Czech Republic is located in the same time zone as continental Western Europe and much of Eastern Europe, that is why we use Central European Time, GMT +1 hour. Summertime starts the last Saturday in March and ends in late September (GMT +2 hours).


Czech culture

Czech culture has been shaped by its geographical position in the middle of Europe. Influences from its neighbors, political and social changes, wars, and times of peace all left their mark on the Czech culture. Prague’s significance as a European cultural center rose and fell throughout history, but the Czech culture remains distinct to this day. The Czech Republic is renowned for its support of writers, artists, and the bohemian lifestyle. Outside of the historic capital of Prague is a countryside filled with farms, forests, villages, and castles. The beautiful mountain ranges, rivers, vineyards, and farmlands coupled with cities and fairytale villages make for a unique intercultural experience of self-discovery.


Czech Language

Czech is the official language spoken in Czechia. Czech is one of the Slavic languages. A large proportion of the population speaks English, but you will meet a lot of people who speak only Czech. It will therefore be one of your first tasks to learn it. Although the language can be a bit difficult at the beginning, we know from our experience that within three months you will be able to speak it! Once you understand Czech, you will also easily pick up other Slavic languages such as Slovak, Polish, and some Russian. 


Czech currency & Economy

Czech crown (CZK), in Czech: česká koruna, Kč 

1 USD = ca. 22 Kč, 1 Euro = ca. 26 Kč 

We use coins: 1 koruna, 2 koruny, 5 korun, 10 korun, 20 korun, 50 korun and banknotes: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 korun 

Most people work in commerce and services. There is mainly heavy industry and general machine-building machinery, iron and steel production, metalwork, chemical production, electronics, transportation, textiles, glass, brewing, porcelain, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals. Its main agricultural products are sugarbeet, fodder roots, potatoes, wheat and hops.



The Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe, is bordered by Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria, and covers 78,884 square kilometers (31,553 square miles). The country is enclosed by a belt of mountain ranges and most of its borders run along this natural boundary. About a third of the countryside is covered with forests, and there are more than 400 lakes and ponds. 

The country offers a colorful mosaic of natural scenery and rarities such as caves, sandstone rock formations, or canyons. Its highest peak is Snezka (1,602 m) and there are many other mountains suitable for winter sports, hiking, and climbing. The longest river, the Vltava (430 km), is famous for its romantic cascade of dams. You can also visit one of the numerous lakes and ponds, the biggest one being Rozmberk (489 hectares) in South Bohemia. A considerable part of Czech natural resources consists of mineral springs, the source of well-known spa towns, such as Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně. 



The Czech Republic has a continental climate, winter (Dec.-Feb.) is usually not too severe, and summer (Jun.-Aug.) is rather warm, even hot. The average winter temperature is about -1 °C but it can sometimes go down to -15 °C, the average summer temperature is 25 °C. In general, the Czech Republic enjoys a varied and pleasant climate. 



Although the Czech Republic has a low number of religious people, the predominant faith is Roman Catholicism (but many other major beliefs and religious services are also accessible). Only about 16 % of Czechs describe themselves as religious, many Czechs lost their connection to faith while religion was suppressed during the Cold War Era in the 20th century. However, the number is currently increasing. In general, even though the majority of Czechs don’t believe in God, we are tolerant and respectful of others’ faiths. 



The Czech Republic has a good system of public transport inside and also outside the cities. Prague is the only city with a Metro/Subway. In all the bigger cities there is a working system of trams, buses or trolleys. Public transport follows fixed timetables. If you live nearby a bigger city and you are supposed to travel every morning by bus or train to school, please always make sure you come to the station on time! There is a student discount for transport (also on the intercity trains and buses) and you can ask your family to help you out to acquaint yourself with the system. All the timetables are to be found on the internet (, and require only basic knowledge of Czech. 

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Brief history

When was the first state established on the current territory of the Czech Republic? And what were some other key milestones in Czech history? Learn more about our country before your arrival.

Brief history
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National and public holidays

Every country has its own holidays. If you are planning to visit the Czech Republic, here is some information about the public holidays you might come across and what they mean.

National and public holidays

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What are you up to? Charming castles, colorful events, relax in wonderful spa resorts or sports? One life is not enough to explore all hidden gems and activities the Czech Republic has to offer!

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