Reasons for spending exchange year in Czechia

  • You will meet Czech hospitality as a member of a Czech host family
  • You will find new friends at your Czech high school
  • You will spend your exchange program in a country with rich history
  • You will visit many marvelous places, both cities and nature
  • You will learn an interesting language
  • You will have a chance to attend to new free time activities or continue with the hobbies that you already have

Facts about your exchange program you should know

We have over 30 years of experience in the Intercultural Learning field, having supported thousands of exchange programs. Volunteers and Staff are ready to welcome you and are committed to supporting you throughout your learning experience. Host families and schools want to welcome you with open arms and hearts.

How to prepare for your exchange program

Students will be provided with study materials before their arrival. Please start studying Czech soon! Go through the materials you will receive and try to learn the basics. Learning Czech is the key to a rewarding experience in our country. It will help you a lot once you arrive. To say a few basic words in Czech will make a very good impression on the family and also at school! Once you come to the Czech Republic, you will receive another study book, which you can use during your whole stay. Don’t hesitate to ask your host family for help when you need it! They will be very glad that you are interested in our language and that you are making an effort to learn. It is the first and most important thing the people around you will appreciate as a sign that you try to be a part of the Czech community. For non-English speakers, we also strongly recommend learning English before departure to be sure you can communicate with everyone until you can express yourself in Czech. 


Are you ready? Every year, almost 70 students from all over the world choose the Czech Republic as their destination for attending a full school year, six months or three months abroad. Hosted by local families, the students are enrolled in a Czech public high school where they can meet new friends, learn more about Czech culture and live a complete, life-changing experience.

And it’s not over! Living such an amazing experience with AFS will make you part of the so-called #AFSeffect: a worldwide community of like-minded people, a network of 400,000 alumni who proudly call themselves AFSers from the moment of their departure and for the rest of their lives. Are you ready to go on this amazing adventure that will change your life forever?

Interested? Apply now

Contact AFS in your country to find a program that is right for you. Start your intercultural adventure by visiting the AFS website for your country. Get in touch with the staff and volunteers. They will be happy to answer any other questions and help you apply for a program in Czechia.

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