Priya z Indie, Holešov u Zlína (studentka 2016/17)

Among all the cultures and languages, I felt home

I always had a dream of going on an exchange year. I remember the day when I got the confirmation for spending a year abroad with AFS. Little did I know that I was going to step into a different world. I was taught that the things will be totally different from the culture of India.

My journey started on 26th of August 2016. I had mixed emotions as I never thought that I’d represent India on an International level. It has been 6 months since I’m a part of this beautiful culture. During this period, I’ve gone through many changes. From enjoying mangoes in summer in India to drinking hot chai in winter in Czech Republic, I’ve experienced a lot of differences between these two countries.

Life in CZE is exciting as well as interesting. My routine life includes a lot of sports activities. I love Czech people because they are really into sports. I like my school a lot because it’s a historical school. In the beginning of the year, I felt the odd one in my class, but as the time passed we succeeded to overcome the differences between us.
Now let me introduce you to the most important part of my exchange – My host family. Before leaving India, my parents told me “You are really blessed because you have 2 mothers and 2 fathers now. We are the biological parents and the one whom you’ll be staying with, for a year, are the ones who will help you to make the best out of your exchange year. Always be the daughter who makes parents proud. Good luck.” I think I’ll never forget these words said by my parents.

So, my Czech host family consists of 12 people including me - parents, my four sisters, three brothers and grandparents. We all often go for trips, cycling, forest walks etc. From the day I know them, I’ve always felt like the eldest daughter of the house. Every day we make memories which we will cherish in the end of the year.
The second most important part of this year is the exchange students. We share a special bond and at every point we are helping each other to make the best out of what we do. A year ago we didn’t know that we all will meet. There are students from more than 15 countries and now we are a lot familiar with each other’s culture. It’s going to be a hard goodbye for us in the end.

I feel like I’m living a dream right now. I think all these things bring me to one conclusion that it’s not a year in life but it’s a life in a year.

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