Resty z Indonesie, Liberec (studentka 2016/17)

Things That Happened
By: Resty Nursabilla
Ahoj, my name is Resty Nursabilla and i am from Indonesia. As an exchange student who have a different culture from Czech republic. Truthfully it is quite difficult for me to accept things that happening in here. Not only for the weather that is different but language, attitude, environment, friends who have different point of view, and of course family. As I had my training from Indonesia AFS orientation, I learned that everyone have a different perspective, foundation, background, personality, mindset and others. We are the one who choose our path, are we going to keep moving, turn left or turn right or just stay stand. As I remember the lessons, I until now using that as an foundation for me to interacting with other people. Even though sometimes is not always smooth as you hoping for.

What is the most exciting moment here for me in Czech republic is spend the time with your AFS Friends. It’s really amazing to have a friends from different countries that also sometimes had been through the same problem when exchange, so that’s why it make us connect. What did we do for the time? We travel to each other city, far or near we do not really care. We went to Ski trip together, it was so much fun even though it was my first time and I fell like, a lot. But they are the one who always keep encouraging me to never give up and always trying, it was also the same for everyday life. We flew the lanterns full of our wishes out to the sky.

For me who really love history I am really in love with the building or history places. It was so beautiful I even speechless to say something. I felt really amazed by it. I felt I was inside of fairy tales, film or novel. It felt like a dream that I am in this country right now. Far from Indonesia who have tropical climate all day long. Speaking of climate, yes this is my first time to see a snow, felt the change of the seasons and temperature. It was really new to me, cold and also in the same time gorgeous.

For my Czech family and friends here. At first we did not see that connection or comfortable between us, because of the difference of culture and behaviour. There is always miscommunication between the conversation, but then slowly with effort of talking and help of a little time. They finally open their heart to me and we have fun talking together. As I already getting used the life here in Czech republic, my Czech language become better and better. My Czech loving meter getting more deeper.

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