Angelo z Itálie, Včelín u Hodonína (student 2016/17)

AFS - A life in a year
The thrill of adventure, the sadness of leaving family and friends, the excitement of not
knowing what I would have experienced: All feelings that I put in my luggage before leaving
for a long journey, one that perhaps someone would define too long, a year away from
everyone and everything in Czech Republic.
Now I've been here five months and that luggage of feelings is now full of experiences, of
people, of things that I would never have thought of doing. From day one everything is
surreal: Plane travel alone, the camp in Prague with people from 60 different nationalities,
the arrival in the host family, everything seemed like a dream. Only after a while I began to
realize, I did not understand anything of the language, I was living in a new home with a new
family, I had started going to school, I had no friends or trusted people close, I was "alone"
and I had to start again.
It was hard (it still is), everything was a challenge, even taking a bus or buying a coffee,
every night I fell asleep in a bed that I did not feel like mine. But slowly that pillow began to
take my shape, it has became more comfortable, those who were strangers became family,
classmates, friends, I began to think and dream in English or Czech, and this country, that
seemed so different, has become my home.
The Intercultural experience gives you the keys of the world and opens your mind: I never
thought that a Turkish, a Russian, a French and an Indian would become special people,
friends for life. You find yourself sitting in a pub speaking 8 languages and understand that
all around the world people have a lot in common. You understand the differences but you
appreciate them because the diversity of the world can only be a treasure. Five months is
just the half of my experience, but I already know that back in Italy I won't feel at home
anymore because my home will be a little bit here and wherever I go, this is the price to pay
for so many experiences and to be citizens of the world.
Angelo from Italy