Teerapat z Thajska, Brno (student 2015/16)

My experience in the Czech republic

Teerapat (Team) from Thailand

     'Why do they have to live so far away from home?' This is what always pops up in my head when I saw my friends attending exchange student program. Maybe, I just want to answer that question to myself so... I am here in the Czech republic.

      I live in Brno with my nice Czech family. I have had the opportunities to do what I haven't tried in my country, for example, fishing, skiing. It's new for me and very challenging to live in completely different environment, to speak extremely hard language, to eat such a delicious food here (Czech food is delicious, really). I have travelled to cities with my friends. There are many nice places waiting for me and you, as well, to vist.

      The most interesting for me is school. My first day at school is like watching Chinese movie without subtitles, also it's quite though to talk with classmates at first but when I have friends, we always go out together.

      I think now I know the answer for my question. I understand how my friends choose to being far away from their home. I will not regret choosing this way of my own life. Surely, I will not forget this precious moment.

Teerapat, Thajsko